Sunday, February 15, 2009

i made jason grow out his beard again, he has cut it since but i love it so i had to post it. i have tried to post things so many times and i erase it and give up. i decided i am not really a writer. we have had a good start to 09. we feel very blessed to have such a nice place to live and to both be employed. i am getting the urge to get my food storage and it seems like a fun challenge. my mom figured out down to the pound how much we need of everything, and that is my goal to get started on that. i totally missed christmas and new years and jasons fishing tournament and the month of january, but i have real exciting news so i will start from right now. i am going to do my best to keep this updated.

valentines day was really fun. we got a flat screen tv and we decided that would be our valentines and our anniversiry present. we both love it. so for valentines day we watched a few movies on our new tv and then went to dinner with jason's brother. we went to the melting pot. it was really good and different than anywhere else we have ever been. also the most expensive place we have ever been. it was worth it though and i loved spending the day with my valentine.

ok i hesitiate writing this cause it wont happen for like 8 months, and you never know what can happen, but i cant help it. jason and i have been trying to have a baby since we got married. we decided we wanted to start right a way. well it didnt happen like i thought it would so it started to get a bit frustrating. i had a appointment on monday to talk to my doctor and get started on some fertilty. last month we found out it wasnt jason(sorry jas) and so it was on to me. friday i decided to take a pregnancy test and it was positive so i took another one it was positive and another and it was positive then when i woke up i took another one and it was positive. so i called my doctor and the receptionist said well lets get you a blood test. so that night i went to the doctor and got a blood. on my way home i bought two more home tests and they were both positive. the next morning the doctor called me and told me the blood work came back positive. so its official we are PREGNANT! not to far a long probably almost a month. i feel so blessed and pray that everything goes good. we are excited and grateful. it is fun to start thinking of names and the sex and baby clothes and being a mommy and a daddy!

it is fun to read all of your blogs and keep in touch with everyone and your fun lives and your cute families. we are all so blessed!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

tonight was my family party for my moms side of the family. it was at my moms house. grandpa and grandma siddoway are going to arizona in the morning to spend christmas with my uncle bob in gilbert AZ. we will miss them for the holidays. but we had soup and yummy christmas treats and aunt pat came from holladay and aunt kathy and ther two girls bailey and jocelyn from riverton, my brother matt and his wife and four kids came from salt lake, and jane and dallas and their 3 kids. then cant forget my baby sister who is almost 21 was there also. we played christmas songs with the chimes that my mom has had since i was 8 and we played the game with the presents when you read the story and pass right then left then right. my dad read the christmas story from the bible and we sang silent night. it was fun and great to be with my family. i am so grateful for my family.

merry christmas from jason and i. we hope your holidays are happy and bright. we are grateful for your love and friendship in our lives and wish you a happy and prosperous 2009.

Monday, December 8, 2008

i have not bloggered for a long time, i just had to leave that last post up for a long time cause i love my husband so much. not really i have just been lazy. i have been at the american fork branch for 3 months already and i LOVE it. i work with great people and i like being closer to home. i got my car fixed. no more dent in the door. we had a great thanksgiving at grandma and grandpa siddoways in pleasant grove. it was a lot of fun with my moms side of the family. we ate lots of yummy food and made bracelets out of bells, and magnets out of glass disks and scrapbook paper. it was fun to be with family. then on saturday jasons family came to our house and we had turkey dinner. i made my first turkey. i was real nervous but it turned out ok. jason won 3 turkeys at a clay pigion shoot so we had plenty of turkey. he is such a stud. thanks to aunt peg we had stuffing, green bean caserole, and yams. it was a lot of fun and we played games and hung out and had a good time. it has been a great year and jason and i have so much to be grateful for.
my cute friend shannon had her baby and she is so cute. Sienna Lauren Archer is her name and she is beautiful.
It is so cold out we usually come home from work eat dinner and watch tv. not too exciting. jason said to write if you arent watching monday night football tonight then you are stupid. so i guess i am stupid.
we went to the mtc yesterday to church with my mom and dad. my dad has been a branch president there for over 4 years and once in a while we go with them. it is really neat to go there. it has been especially neat lately because jasons brother, who is going on a mission to boston is in their branch right now. so we go to see him and take him some treats. it was pretty crazy that he ended up in my dads branch because 1600 missionaries went in the day he went in and he was assigned to my dads branch. it is fun to see and he looks great and will make a great missionary.
i am going to take lots of pictures so next time i will have lots of pictures of my cat or something. i hope everyone has a merry christmas and a happy new year!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Man Tag
What is your husbands name? Jason Earl Lutu
How long have you guys been married? 7 months 15 days
How long did you date? ummm....9 months
How old is he? 25 almost 26 on the 19th
Who eats more sweets? probably me but he definitely eats more food
Who said I love you first? he did but i did right after
Who is taller? him
Who can sing the best? me, but i love when he sings to me
Who is smarter? smarter at different things
Who does the laundry? both of us
Who pays the bills? me me me with his money too
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Jason
Who mows the lawn? dont have one yet
Who drives? Jason
Who is the first to admit when they are wrong?jason, probably so i think i won
Who kissed who first? He kissed me, it was perfect
Who asked who out first? jason lived in wyoming when we met so we had a lot of late night phone calls with bad reception but i invited him to my friends kim and amy 30 b day party and we really couldnt stay apart after that and he quit his job and moved back to utah it was a bit bumpy at first but i am so glad that it worked...i love him forever...he is the best husband and friend i have ever had.
Who wears the pants? half and half he keeps me in my place gently
i love you jason!
i tag amy edwards

Sunday, September 21, 2008

jason and i had such a fun weekend...on friday night we went to rib city and had some ribs...we had never eaten there but i remembered that shannon had told me it was good...after that we went to jack and jills and went bowling...i felt like i was on a date and at 10:00 the lights went out and the music started and my ball glowed in the black lights...we were probably the oldest ones there or maybe i was but it was fun...we played 3 games and i won the first one and then jason kicked my butt the last 2 games...we want to go again soon...
saturday we did a lot of grocery shopping...i went to the case lot sale at maceys with my mom and jane and hadley and jason helped my dad with some roof problems
sunday we got up and went for a ride on the alpine loop and ended up at cascade was really pretty but i wouldnt let jason take a picture of me cause we didnt get ready...after we went there we drove down to midway and heber and went and saw my grandpa and grandma cochran's grave...when we got home my brother mark came over and we ate some pork tacos..mmmm...and now we are going to watch the packers/cowboys game and get ready for the week... i really like my new job and i dont dread work so much as i was for a while is good and i know we are so blessed.

somebody backed into me this week when i was out and about on my wasnt bad but just really annoying...i am still waiting to hear from the insurance...the cops said they couldnt site anyone cause it was on private property...but it was totally his fault...i just hope i dont have to fight with the insurance company to get it paid for...then that night at school jason backed into someone but you cant even see that one..but what is the deal...
shad my nephew turned 5 and we had a fun birthday party at chucky cheese...he is so funny and is getting so big...he is is preschool but will be starting kindergarten next year
shaddy with his daddy
dakota and shad in a blurry picture opening pictures it is hard to take pictures of them cause they are always moving...
but hadley is the worst she never stops moving only when she is sleeping but maybe it is cause she drinks pepsi
peace dakota and shad...i love them